Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) Virus Struck Migratory Birds in China in 2015

The Reduction of Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Needs Sectoral-Collaborations with a One Health Approach: Perspectives From Asia

Authors: Hung Nguyen-Viet, Suwit Chotinun, Esther Schelling, Winda Widyastuti, Nguyen Viet Khong, Manish Kakkar, Arlyne Beeche, Fang Jing, Boualam Khamlome, Sothyra Tum, Wiku Adisasmito

Affiliation: Various Institution

Source: International Journal of Public Health


It is equally important to collaborate across sectors in the Antimicrobial (AMR) and Antimicrobial Use (AMU) because it is not feasible to do it alone. The concern is also to expand partnership from South East Asia to South Asia to strengthen the cross regional opportunity in learning from each other. The researchers proposed for an integrated AMR surveillance system using One Health approach to understand agriculture and health in Asia. The One Health/ Eco-health” interventions to reduce AMR-related human, animal and environmental burdens need to be developed, implemented and monitored. This requires the participation of key stakeholders from the private-, policy- and health-sectors to work collaboratively to reduce these burdens, advance peoples’ health, and grow robust economic”.