Collaborative Research 2006 to 2009

Previous APEIR Collaborative Research during its first phase (2006-2009) include the following

1. Forming Regional Network for Surveillance for Avian Influenza (AI) in Migratory Birds

Four countries (Thailand, China, Indonesia and Vietnam) conducted a study titled, “Forming regional network for surveillance and monitoring of Avian Influenza viruses in migratory birds”. The general objective of the project is to enhance early detection and characterization of AI infection at a regional level, and to enhance early reporting in migratory birds through a coordinated surveillance network.

2. Study on Socio-Economic Impact of AI Outbreak and Control Measures on Small Scale and Backyard Poultry

A social and economic impact research group was formed with the team members from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand to work on the project entitled, "Socio-economic impact of HPAI outbreaks and control measures on small-scale and backyard poultry producers in Asia". The main objective of the study is to inform the development of viable control strategies, and more equitable interventions to cope with AI, especially for particularly vulnerable households, by analyzing the socio-economic impacts of AI outbreaks, and AI control measures on backyard and small producers.

3. Characteristics and Dynamics of Backyard Chicken System in 5 Asian Countries

Five countries (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) jointly conducted this study called, "Characteristics and dynamics of backyard poultry systems in 5 Asian countries in relations to reduce and manage Avian Influenza risks".

4. Policy Analysis for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Three countries (Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) jointly worked on the project called, “Policy Analysis for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness”. The objective of the study was to describe the policy making process regarding antiviral drugs and poultry vaccination.

5. The Effectiveness of the Control Measures of Avian Influenza

Four countries (China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) jointly conducted the study entitled, "Studies on the effectiveness of Avian Influenza control measures in the Asian partnership countries". The objective of this study was to evaluate factors contributing to the success of the prevention and control of Avian Influenza in the poultry sector within the four countries.